RF is committed to enhancing the environment

Some of our initiatives include:

  • Extensive planting – Over 40,000 poplar, pine, native and fruit trees
  • A large number of our water ways and native bush has been fenced off to protect the environment
  • Homegrown and home cooked, using a range of vegetables, fruit and eggs from our chooks
  • Rainwater collection and storage – all water is collected off our roofs and stored in our water tanks which is then filtered
  • Reduce, recycle and reuse – compost all green waste, recycle paper, glass, plastic and tins; waste food fed to the dogs and chickens where possible
  • Support local –   produce, materials and services are sourced locally

During your stay, we aim for you to experience tourism on 3 levels:

  • We want you to see: a working farm in action, animals, native bush, old farm relics…
  • We want you to experience:: feed the animals, go on a farm walk…
  • We want you to understand: How rural New Zealanders live and work the land…