A first for everything…

So I’ve started a blog…a little crazy perhaps when I am a qualified PE & Health teacher and it’s actually my husband, Farmer Andrew who is the journalist in the family. Anyhow I’m giving it a shot in the hope I can share with others around the world what it is actually like to live on a sheep and beef farm in the central North Island of what is the best place in the world to live, New Zealand! I feel I am qualified to write that as I have been lucky enough to travel to many places around the world (as lots of other young kiwis do) and never have I visited another country where I thought it was a better place to live. Why might you ask…well you will have to join me as I share a slice of our life here in the beautiful Rangitikei Region, at our little piece of Paradise we call Rangitikei Farmstay.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all roses. Since I moved to the farm ten years ago, we have had two “one hundred year” floods and I’ve lost count of the droughts. Farming is hard, it’s not for the fainted hearted but it’s a lifestyle we have chosen for our family and we hope that the story of our farm”Tyrone” continues for another century. While New Zealand is young in history, our farm is certainly rich, with four generations of Stewart’s farming the land since 1901. While the past three generations worked tirelessly on the farm, it was Andrew and I that decided to open the farm to the public in terms of a Farmstay in 2008. Many people ask why. Well that is easy to answer really. Every week we meet different people from all four corners of the globe who share with us their culture and story as much as we share ours with them. We have made life long friends, it makes us think about our business when people ask us questions and for me, as a mother of two beautiful girls, it gets my mind away from nappies. Don’t worry I won’t blog too much about the later but if you are interested in New Zealand, farming, clean green living, gardening or some of our crazy animals, stay tuned. Thanks for taking the time to read my first ever blog. My old english teacher would fall over if she knew 🙂 Kylie x

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