The beauty of space

Today was a typical day for us on the farm. Stock (sheep and cattle) were moved, animals fed and farmstay guests shown around the property. As I took our lovely guests from Singapore, consisting of 5 adults and 2 kids around our farm animals, it was clear to me they were genuinely interested about learning how we live here in New Zealand, particularly on a farm. So often it amazes guests how much space we have in this country and I guess more so when living on a farm. While visiting the vegetable garden and showing an interest in what we grow , the guests went onto say how our vegetable garden is the size of a one bedroom apartment back home. That restriction of space is another reminder of how lucky we are in New Zealand. While life for our children is changing with technology, I am lucky to say that for our kids fun is all about doing the simple stuff – collecting eggs, planting seeds, jumping in puddles, riding ponies and just being outside enjoying the fresh air. I am also aware that not everyone has this at their doorstep, which is one reason we choose to open up our farm gate for guests to experience a slice of a New Zealand sheep and beef farm. The flip side to that is that we get to learn about other cultures, how they live and what life is like for them back home. As someone who loves to travel and enjoys seeing how other people live, it is certainly a cheaper option than getting on an actual plane! After all with all of the new fences and development happening on the farm at present, it might be a while before I get on a plane to Singapore again – lucky I love what I do!

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