An inspiring guest

Back in 2008 when we began Rangitikei Farmstay we hoped we would meet people from all over the world, share our property, learn about others cultures and enrich our lives. We have certainly done that. However I never imagined to meet a guest such as Kelly McNabb, a guest that has touched my life forever. Kelly, wife and mother of two boys aged 2 and 4 years was also an ICU nurse at the Palmerston North hospital. 17 months ago Kelly was diagnosed with Brain cancer. Three surgeries, chemotherapy, Avastin and two courses of radiotherapy, it was a hard fought battle that Kelly lost earlier this month. It was in Kelly’s last few months of life that she visited our Farmstay with a friend and her family. Her time at the farm consisted of watching her boys ride a pony for the first time, feed the animals and enjoy what country life had to offer. Kelly also took the time to share with me her journey of the dreaded C, her treatment and what was on the cards for her. She was determined to create memories for her two boys and was doing so including writing birthday and Christmas cards to her kids, all to ensure her they would remember their mummy. It was heart breaking listening to her talk but at the same time so inspiring. Kelly talked about taking the time to put a case forward to Parmac in the hope they would fund the drug she was using. Kelly discussed how she thought her research and efforts weren’t necessarily going to help her but that she hoped it would help others. How amazing right, time wasn’t exactly on Kelly’s side and she was still thinking about others. As Kelly left the farm, I knew I had meet my most inspiring guest yet and I couldn’t help but think how unfair life is sometimes. However I got the feeling from Kelly that she didn’t want people to feel sorry for her, she wanted people to get on with life and help others where they could. So as a result of meeting Kelly, I have decided to create a Kelly McNabb remembrance morning (up to one per month) for terminal cancer sufferers. So if you know of anyone who is terminal with cancer and would enjoy a morning on a farm with some friendly animals, a bit of fresh air and a morning tea, all on us, get in touch. We would love to help create some positive memories just as we did for Kelly and her boys. Rest in peace Kelly x

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