Hello Spring!

Winter has officially been and gone and thankfully it was a kinder one than the previous. Warm winter days have been enjoyed by everyone, staff, stock and of course lots of lovely farmstay guests from around the globe. This winter we have welcomed back a number of guests who had visited us previously, this time bringing friends to join in the fun. It really does feel like people leave being our friends so it is lovely to welcome them back again. On the farm front, the damage done by the June 2015 floods created a lot of work  but it hasn’t been all bad in terms of the direction we have taken. It has meant we have got stuck in doing a heap of new fence lines, including fencing off a lot of the beautiful native bush and our water ways. It feels great doing something so good for the environment and in many ways future proofing the farm. Another project in terms of protecting the environment has been planting more poplar trees in the areas that are prone to erosion. I personally have loved getting out on the farm and planting the popular poles, it sure beats an office job any day! There is something really satisfying about planting trees, they do such a great job helping to hold the land together but they also look amazing too! Hugh (Andrews father) has spent a life time planting trees on the farm which certainly helps to make the farm the beautiful place it is today. We feel passionate about continuing Hugh’s legacy of trees and if you ever visit the farm you will understand the beauty I am talking about. As farmers you are only really caretakers of the land for the next generation, that in itself is great motivation for me to improve what is already a beautiful slice of kiwi paradise. I’m off to enjoy some more fresh air in the garden. Bye for now, Kylie.

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