How lucky are we…

The years end is fast approaching and like a lot of farmers and tourist operators it is a busy time. This morning 12 guests departed after experiencing what our farm has to offer over the past few days. Like many guests they told us on their departure, that they loved their time with us and the experience was just what they were looking for. A highlight for me was my 5 year old daughter playing on the tramp with their kids and coming inside for dinner saying “Mum I’ve just made some new friends”. We feel fortunate to give our kids the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world every week. Like us, they are then able to learn about how others live and that life for most, isn’t what they (we) know. Fresh air, green hills, bright stars, wide open space, fresh eggs, animals …. I think kids in New Zealand have the best lifestyle and we are only too happy to share it with other kids from around the world. In saying that I think some guests feel sorry for us, wondering how we get on with the shops and cafes 12 km away. I tell them this is close compared to some of my farming friends and they look at me like I am lying to them 🙂 Although it feels isolated to some with the hills surrounding us, we have everything on our door step and know that we are lucky to call this place our home. Have a safe and Merry Christmas everyone. Kylie x

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