Where did Summer go?

As I sit and write this, a French family is packing up and about to leave the farm. They are a lovely family consisting of two super cute little boys but the trouble is, they don’t speak English and I don’t speak French! While it’s a little tricky, laughing and smiling is an international language so I think they have enjoyed their time with us. It has made me wish I listened more in Year 10 French classes! It is crazy to think another summer has flown by. While it has been terrible for going to the beach or being out in the garden, all of the wet weather has been wonderful for the farm! Our crops and grass haven’t looked this good for this time of year for over a decade. Growing grass is what we do in New Zealand but that can be hard without any rain. For once mother nature is being kind to us farmers! The farm has been a hive of activity with lambs coming and going. Our stock have a very good life on the farm and one bad day. Our 5 year old daughter was horrified when we told her where the truck load of lambs were heading to. We are all animal lovers here but it’s just what happens unfortunately. I tried to explain that our meat helps feed people around the world and that everyone needs protein in their diet. I hope we don’t have a vegetarian on our hands, because I sure have an animal lover. I am stoked our girls love animals like we do, I think it must be in their blood. That reminds me, I better go and feed/check some of the zoo of animals I have collected and say goodbye to our French guests, if only I knew the correct words! Thanks for stopping by!

Cheers, Kylie.

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