Where has the year gone?

It seems crazy that Christmas is just around the corner again and another year draws to an end. It feels that summer on the farm has finally arrived unlike the last 2 years. Of course as farmers we are always complaining about the weather! It’s always too wet, too dry or too something! The reality is however, we rely on the weather for our livelihood. Anyhow for the meantime we are loving these warm sunny days and the opportunity to get outside and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. Over the winter and spring, we had a lot of new babies arriving in between hatching chickens and pheasants and orphan lambs and calves needing feeding. At one stage we were feeding seven new born lambs four times a day/night which was like having a new baby again. As farmers we certainly spend our days caring for the animals and ensuring they have a good life here. On another note, we enjoyed organising and hosting The Mudder again this year. An annual event on our farm that consists of a lot of mud and people from all around New Zealand dressing up and having some good old filthy fun over our farm! If you have the time, check out the awesome photos on our Facebook page of the day. This year we had around 450 fun loving people enjoying the day and with such a wet winter there was certainly no shortage of mud! Winter and spring has also bought lots of guests from all over the world. We feel very lucky to meet new people nearly every week. They arrive as strangers and leave as friends. I love to hear about life back in their country. I often can’t help but feel lucky for the life we have in New Zealand and here in our little piece of paradise. Not only is New Zealand beautiful but it is also safe. I truly believe we live in the best country in the world. If you are thinking about a holiday to New Zealand, book those flights! I’m sure you won’t regret it! If you are looking for an authentic experience on a working sheep and beef farm, we hope you will join our family to share a piece of our paradise. Safe travels, Kylie.

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